hex-wife replied to your photo:I bought this yesterday at the new record shop in…
what new record store?? ps. big cat big caaaatttttt

Ahhh I’m not sure if you’ve met Chris Dunn, but he’s opened a new record store on parry st next door to ‘The Edwards’ restaurant, it’s kinda near the Audi showroom on Stewart avenue! It’s really cool but a little small, it’s definitely worth checking it out. Chris is also one of my favourite people and it’s good he’s finally started a new store, he used to look after Beaumont st beat and parachute records. P.s. Hehehe


siq1 replied to your photo: I bought this yesterday at the new record shop in…
Draw(in)g to A (W)hole kills me. Did it come with the sweet live ep?

It’s such a killer song! Yeah it did it’s cool as hell it has; fish, anything could happen, flowers, point that thing somewhere else, whatever I do is right. :)

Our favourite dogs just a big mutt I guess.


"Psycho" - Beasts Of Bourbon (1984)

Not a Sonics cover but the legendary blues punk cover version of Leon Payne`s dark country ballad by Australian rockers Beasts Of Bourbon.

"…I saw my ex again last night, mamma,
She was at the dance at Miller`s store,
She was with that Jacky White, mamma,
I killed them both and they’re burried under Jenkin`s sycamore,

You think I’m psycho, don’t you mamma,
Mamma pour me a cup,
You think I’m psycho, don’t you mamma,
You better let ‘em lock me up…

…You know that little girl next door, mamma
I believe her name was Betty Clark,
Well, don’t tell me she’s dead, mamma
`Cause I just saw her in the park,

We were sitting on a bench, mamma,
Thinking of a game to play,
Seems I was holding a wrench, mamma,
Then my mind just walked away,

You think I’m psycho, don’t you mamma,
I didn’t mean to break your cup,
You think I’m psycho, don’t you mamma,

…Oh mamma, why don’t you get up…”
Post-Punker Mixtape: Neue Deutsche Welle II



Post-Punker Mixtape: Neue Deutsche Welle II

Another Neue Deutsche Welle mixtape…

Cover: Police clashing with students protesting against the shooting of the left-wing student leader Rudi Dutschke, April 1968, Berlin. (via)


  1. Liebe Banal - André Szigethy
  2. Dreiklangsdimensionen - Rheingold
  3. Hawaii - Neonbabies
  4. Glasaugen - Trümmerfrauen
  5. Adrenalin lässt das Blut Kochen- Der Plan
  6. Kampfjacken - Mau Mau
  7. Telephon - Ideal
  8. Almenrausch - Bergtraum
  9. Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn - Die Krupps
  10. Qualität Des Staates - Felix Kubin
  11. Plastik - Keine Ahnung
  12. Fakten - Exkurs
  13. Lied An Die Freude - Andy Giorbino
  14. Stolze Menschen - Kosmonautentraum
  15. Fred vom Jupiter - Die Doraus und die Marinas
  16. Spiel Mit Mir - Ami Marie
  17. Ausbildung - Geile Tiere
  18. Schatten - Geisterfahrer
  19. Im Westen nix Neues - Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle
  20. Kalte Erotik - A5

Link: http://8tracks.com/felipeclemente/neue-deutsche-welle-ii

In case you’re interested in more NDW, here's the first mix.


Codeine “Cave-In”


The Stone Roses - This is the One

(Source: askmeiwontsaynohowcouldi)


The Telescopes // Celeste 

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