You should take a listen to my band if you’ve got a minute.

I’m the biggest disappointment of a person. Nothing I do goes right, nothing starts right, nothing ends right, in pretty much every aspect of my life. I’m a failure. For the most part I wish I was dead at least it would put my family out of their watching misery.

Loneliness, is such a sad affair,
And I can hardly wait,
To be with you again.
What to say,
To make you come again,
Come back to me again,
And play your sad guitar.

I don’t want to feel anymore,
Just let me die, die, die here on the floor.

I am a scumbag and doomed never to be loved.


American Football // But The Regrets Are Killing Me

Fools leave too soon
Built to fill roles and fall
Standing alone again
Distant and dissatisfied

These four years
And how we say goodbye to these four years
A long goodbye with mixed emotions
Just fragments of another life

I’m not dead yet
But the regrets are killing me

D for effort
D for intent
D because you pay the rent

D for love
D for insight
D because you’re heaven sent

I want you to need me - not to feed me
I want you to need me - not to feed me

D for dishes
F for floors
Can’t make the grade anymore

D for love
D for intent
D because you pay the rent

You kick my head
Lying on your ten - your ten foot bed
You say you’re all alone, that’s just ‘cause, you don’t want anybody home
See a smile, make it sad
Take it all so bad.


Black Milk, These Immortal Souls, Live in Köln (27.11.92)


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